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Anna with wavy long hair

When I first encountered Rapunzel and her glorious long hair in the Ladybird book, I was fascinated.  By her hair.  How useful it must be.  That it could be used as a stair and got her a handsome prince.  Then, I came upon Renoir’s Irène Cahen d’Anvers.  I was awestruck by her flaming hair.  It looks so soft and shining.  Over the years, whenever I came across both male and female characters with long flowing hair in anime/manga, painting and stories, I would think “Ahhh…how nice if I too could have such long beautiful hair”.

Anna with wavy long hair

In reality though, I think it would be a chore to maintain such long hair.  The type of shampoo, conditioner, treatment and brushes to get.  The agony over whether to perm or to cut or to colour or which hairstyle to sport.  The amount of dropped hair to clear from the floor and sink.  The time spent to brush out tangles and dry it after wash….. ( ̄~ ̄;)  This is one trouble I would avoid, such a lazy person I am.

Anna with long wavy hair

Yet when it comes to dolls, that’s a different story, right?  Since a doll is born out of our fantasy and dreams, we can ignore the real-life troubles, right?  And such treacherous self-talk got me this long wavy wig from Leekeworld last year.

Of course, behind every fairytale lies the unspoken practical troubles.  This wig’s fit is too slack compared to the other wigs I have in the same size category.  I tried sewing, blue tag and head cover, it still insists on sitting loosely on Anna’s head.  Not forgetting that I have to pick up long stands of hair from the floor and the brush each time I used it.  \(--)/

Despite these, whenever Anna wears the wig, I think of Rapunzel and Irène.  Of those anime/manga/painting/story characters with long flowing hair.  (*´ο`*)=3

Anna with wavy long hairAnna with wavy long hairAnna with wavy long hairAnna with wavy long hairAnna with wavy long hair