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…and since we couldn’t go out,  I got Lucien to sit for my photo taking practice wearing the new outfit I had done for him quite a while ago.  It was based on the Twin Mad Hatters pattern by Poupee-mecanique in Dollybird vol. 14.

Lucien in a suit

Sitting patiently...like a nobleman

Anyway, I wasn’t pleased with the result.  Both the collars of the shirt and jacket weren’t done properly.  Especially for the jacket.  I made a mistake of using that trimming, if you can see it around the sleeve helm in the not-so-good-quality-photo, instead of lace as suggested in the pattern.  It’s too thick and so the collar lapel won’t lay flat against the bodice.  I thought that this trimming would look elegant, running along the front of the jacket and sleeve helms.  I have overlooked that it would be too thick at the part where the bodice joined the collar lapel.  (T__T)  Lesson learned: beautiful trimming != suitable trimming.

stifling a yawn

trying to stifle a yawn...

I so like the period outfit on Lucien though.  He looks like a young noble.  Maybe, I would just give him the character of a Victorian noble, sort of like Ciel in the Black Butler.  (*^^^*)  Such a cute Earl and he has a lot of interesting outfits in the manga.  But it would means more jackets to make….(-__-“).  On the other hand, it would also means I have the excuse to look out for a handsome butler??? ( ̄▽ ̄*)


stretching...are we done yet?

Well, I would say the photo taking session has not produced desirable results either.   The lighting was either too harsh or too dim.  Towards the end, both of us sort of gave up.


Lucien lying down

don't you feel uncomfortable?

“Why don’t you lie down on the bed?”  Hearing this, his face beamed with the sweetest smile and he ran to the bed and next I knew…

stripping off

Lucien nappingIt was still stormy outside….