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***spoilers included

After a looong wait, I finally have the Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken [身代わり伯爵] Vol.4 in my hands….and so, Mireille’s adventure continues…

The volume begins with Richard and Mireille checking up the palace’s map at the national library in preparation for the Bravery Test party organised for Princess Sephira.

Enters Rudy

Next scene saw them back at the palace.  Mireille was waiting upon Princess Sephira with Ken when Rudy (? ルーディ, actual name is ルドルフ・ルディアス), the witch of Confield (? コンフィールド) and Sephira’s senior in magic, walked in.  Mireille was awestruck by Rudy’s well-endowed bosom.

Since Sephira requested for some time to talk to Rudy, Mireille left Ken in attendance and went back to the White Lily salon alone.  There she found Prince Wilfred (ヴィルフリート) waiting for her.  He demanded to have a piece of her bread which she gladly gave.  Wilfred eagerly took a bite while the cavalier guards held their breath.  Then he complimented Fred/Mireille on his skill (note: he sees Fred as his competitor in playing tricks on others) and barely could make it out of the salon.

Pleased, Mireille planned to deliver her bread to the rest of the royal family.  The cavalier guards were dismayed.  But Richard saved the day by soliciting Mireille’s promise to henceforth bake only for him.  And thus, he earned the men’s utter gratitude and Mireille’s blushes.

Promise me

Later, Mireille and Richard were back to the preparation when their conversation turned to Rudy.  Mireille wondered if Rudy was Jack’s mistress and maybe Richard might prefer Rudy, that is women equipped with generous bosom.  Richard assured her that both Jack and he have no such liking.  Disbelieving him, she stated dejectedly how she wished her chest was not so flat.  Richard assured her that her situation would improve given time.  Thus assured, they continued their work.

The next morning, Mireille woke up with the shock of her life.  She found herself sleeping beside Richard on the same bed in the dormitory.  And beside Richard, Rudy in her under-dress.  Mireille with her imagination running wild, was convinced that Richard indeed preferred buxom women and he and Rudy had a wild night with her sleeping beside.  Rudy fueled her feelings by clinging onto Richard and asking Fred/Mireille if his sister has found the bosom enhancement medicine effective.   Meantime, the guards and Jack came running to see what the commotion was about.  Richard apparently is not the sort of person who could wake up alert.  He was totally unable to register what was happening around him.  Thus, humiliated by Rudy and upset with Richard, Mireille declared that she shall not speak to Richard again and stomped off.


Finally, the day of the Bravery Test party has arrived.  Shortly after the party had begun, they encountered some assassins.  While Ken fought off the assassins, Mireille sought to deliver Sephira to safety.  But they fell through a secret door and landed in the underground maze.  There the Marquis was waiting to force Sephira to marry him.  In the midst of sword fighting, Richard came to the rescue.  After some tough fighting, Mireille chanced upon Richard’s expression just before he struck down the enemy.  Mireille was petrified by the look on his face.  Hurt, Richard gave her into the care of Ken and the guards and left.

With evil out of the way, the day of the ceremony proceeded well.  Everyone was enjoying the party except for Mireille.  She was remorseful for having hurt Richard’s feeling.  Suddenly, Fred appeared and he created an opportunity for them to talk it out in a romantic setting in the garden.  Things were going quite well and then Rudy appeared.

He won't be satisfied...

The jealous Rudy started to taunt Mireille about her flat chest and that Richard would not be satisfied by her figure.   Seeing Mireille’s dejection, Richard hastily explained that Rudy was in fact a man!  After recovering from this shocking news, the feeling she was deceived plus the humiliation that even a man could have a bigger bust than her, Mireille started to dish out names at Rudy who without hesitation, returned the “compliments”.  Mireille’s father contributed to the argument by insisting that Richard was trying to con his daughter.  And thus, with lots of shouting and name calling, the episode came to a noisy end.