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Soft fluffy helmet and buttons

Yes.  I admit.  I have a weakness for a lot of things.  And yarn is one of them.  Especially when it comes in a ball of soft, fluffy and whimsical colour.  Usually, it would end up in my shopping bag.  Why on earth do I buy it?  We don’t have any winter here.   One would wonder.

“But the colour is so sweet…feel the softness…imagine how it would look like when ….”  (*^〜^*)ゝ

Recently, seeing photos of dollies wearing cute autumn gear, I decided to use this ball of yarn to crochet a helmet and a top for the girls thinking one of them would look cute in it. The helmet was manageable but the top….  (-__-“”).

My conclusion is: this type of yarn is good for knitting and not for crochet especially small stuff like a top for a Blythe.  The stitches just got lost in the midst of fluffy flurry!  (@_@) But since I’d take *forever* (emphasis here) to knit even a small piece of work, I persisted and forced my way through.  In the end, I have the simplest short-sleeve top.

Some adjustments will be required though.  I’m not too happy with the sleeves and the helmet strap is a bit too loose.  This will be work for another day.  (^_-)☆

Josephine was kind enough to model the outfit for me.  Her tutu skirt is based on DCR vol 11.  The tulle layer seems to be flying up despite any of my effort to keep it down.  (-_-“)  Sigh….maybe I have to pin it down to the second cotton layer?

Josephine readies for FallDespite all these, I quite like how Josephine looks in this helmet.  (* ̄▽ ̄*)

Josephine readies for FallJosephine readies for Fall