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Leonie sat on the wall

Leonie sat on a wall.....is she going to fall?

We finally saw bright sun the whole of last Sunday after a few days of flash showers.  So we decided to walk the dog in the early evening.  On a last minute impulse, I took Leonie along.  As we strolled along the neighbourhood path, we came upon some brick structure and the man-in-the-house suggested we shot Leonie against it.  And so we did.  There was some struggle to get her to stand on the grass patch.  The ground was too hard for me to push the stand in.  Poor Leonie kept falling on her face and her hair ribbon came off too.  In the end, I did away with the stand and her ribbon and shot her sitting down or leaning against the wall.

Leonie sat on the wall

Noticed that Leonie’s hair is quite sparse like Nanette’s…  (T_T).  At least for Nanette, her mohair has just arrived and I planned to get down to some rerooting work soon.  But what to do with Leonie?  Leave it as it is?  Or get some Saran to add into her hair?  I quite like the colour of her hair….decision, decision, decision. ?(@_@)?

Leonie sat on the wallLeonie sat on the wallShe didn’t look so nervous now after she has come down from the wall….