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Let me do a comparison of the three MSDs in the house here.  They are Sophia [Limhwa Leda], Lucien [Minifee Woosoo] and Anna [Soulkid Katie A.].

Lucien is the most stable of the three and he poses the best too.  He can stand on the bed without much support and adjustment.  Sophia is strung quite loosely so she tends not able to hold her pose.  I tried hot glue suede.  Maybe I didn’t do it properly.  The thin hot glue somehow affects the fit in her thigh joints.  Anna is the most tightly strung girl and thus, her legs tend to kick back.  Also, I found her ankles too thin compared to her feet.  Shoes that fit Sophia seem too big for Anna.  See below.

Anna's feet

Anna's feet

Their hands and you can see the difference in their resin tone (all are supposed to be normal).  Sophia is the fairest while Anna tends more to pinkish white.  Lucien’s hands are attached via magnets to the wrists.  Have to be careful as they can drop off quite easily.

Their hands

Sophia, Lucien, Anna

Their feet: notice how their feet align with the ground when sitting.  Lucien’s tend to curve up the most.  Sophia tends to lean to the back when she sits.  Not the 90° like Lucien and Anna.

Their feet

Lucien, Anna, Sophia

Their height difference.  Limhwa Leda is 43cm.  Minifee is 42cm, Soulkid is 43cm.

Standing in line

Sophia, Lucien, Anna

Anna’s head is the biggest while Sophia’s smallest.

Their heads

Anna, Lucien, Sophia

They seem to be able to share the clothes I have made.  Particularly those I have made based on Volks MSD and Unoa Quluts (both boy and girl).  Shorts I have made based on Unoa Quluts fit even Lucien.  Sophia has a bigger bust so top that fits Anna will be snug for Sophia but they can still share clothes.

For example, the top and shorts worn by Anna below can fit all three of them. (^_^)

Lucien and Anna

Lucien and Anna