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white top03

How should I spend my time?

It was a very slow afternoon.  Even the raindrops came down in a slow manner.  Did not feel like doing anything except copying my dog.  He has been lying around in the house, resting.  But after a while, my back became stiff.  (-_-“)

So I took Sophia out of her box to take some pictures of her in the new white top and shorts which I had just made.  It’s been a while and she is getting upset.

white top04

Lazing around

Sophia is a very easy subject for photo shoot.  Her eyes and hands are just so expressive.  Even though she tends to sit leaning more towards the back, she can stand on her feet without much help.  All in all, I find her a beautiful creation.

white top02

Hi hi!

Rest of the photos in flickr photostream.