Last Friday, I went downtown to have lunch and run some errands with colleagues.  Dropped by a toy shop in Wheelock.  They carry Blythe!  I went in to take a look and after a few minutes, came out with a “Kiss Me True” Blythe…. (-_-“)

I have always been intrigued by Blythe: the large head in comparison to the body, the wide eyes and the fashion sense of the doll.  Never dream that I would own one also.


Anyway, here she’s.  She hasn’t told me her name yet….

First Blythe "Kiss Me True"

It was quite a hassle taking her out of the box though.  Had to wrestle with the sticky tapes etc.  I was a wee bit upset that her hair was tangled up because of the sticky tapes.  So over the weekend, I thought to give her a shampoo and hair treatment.

In return, my nerves suffered a jolt.  I almost couldn’t put her head back together. \(〇_o)/  I guess for a long period of time, I would most likely leave her head alone….