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Temperature is rising, no doubt about it.  I’m beginning to feel the heat and losing my appetite lately… (-_-;).  I’ve never been good in coping with heat.

Last year, I saw a video by yuniedhc on how to make a maxi-skirt.  Been wanting to try it out but did not seem to get round to it until last weekend, I finally set myself upon the task.  And Viola!  Kagura gets her summer maxi-dress.  The back of the dress was not well thought out and thus the fit was not good.  Have to work on it further…but overall seems ok.

Now I am crochet-ing a summer straw hat for her to go with the dress.  And if I have the mood, maybe even a handbag.  And, if I feel very ambitious, I might even attempt a pair of shoes.  Couple of months back I bought a another pattern book ( I couldn’t resist pattern books    -_-” ).  There’s some instructions on making shoes for BJD.  Looks, and I emphasize “Looks”, manageable.  But looks are always deceiving…

Anyway, Kagura will just have to wait a bit longer before I can finish her hat, and maybe her bag.  Then I can bring her out for some summer photo shots.

Rest of the photos are in my flickr photostreams.