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An order for her was made before Anna but she arrived later.  In fact, I thought she wouldn’t be coming after all.  The doll company didn’t response to my emails nor give me any expected delivery date.  After a period of silence from them, I got concerned, frustrated and finally decided to cancel my order.  Then they responded that my order was already in production and shipment was expected at the end of 2010 or early Jan 2011….and my understanding was sought…….  \(_ _;)/~~~~

So back to waiting.

Then a couple of days before Christmas, she came.

There was a dent in the delivery box and I was concerned.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see the doll box wrapped in Christmas gift wrap and a Christmas card was enclosed.

She is even more beautiful than the official photos on the website.  Her fingers are very expressive and elegant.  The resin feels smooth to touch too.  Compared to Anna, she is strung relatively loose.  I probably have to try to restring her some time later.  She came with her default face-up without her eyes.  Yet, somehow this pair of eyes doesn’t seem to suit her.  Guess I will have to look around for another pair of eyes for her.  A darker colour maybe.

Meantime, here’s Sophia.  And I’m glad she came after all.  (^_^)