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***spoilers included

Fred is gone again.  This time he is away on a tour to nurse his broken heart, or so Mireille is informed.  She is once again summoned back to the court by the crown prince to impersonate Fred.  The reason is Fred’s fiancee, Princess Serphia (? シルフレイア) from the neighbouring country, is here awaiting the ceremony whereby she will receive a duchy from the king.  Apparently, Fred’s engagement to Princess Serphia is a decoy to the suitors who are clamouring for her hand in marriage in order to lay their hands on her power and wealth. 

Jake is informing Mireille that she is to plan a night tour to a haunted palace for the princess

Mireille’s responsibility is to entertain and protect Princess Serphia as Fred till he comes back.  According to the report given to Mireille by Jake,  Princess Serphia seems to be good in fortune telling and she can return a curse five-fold the strength.  She likes to visit haunted places and read books on ghosts and spirits.  Thus, Mireille is tasked to plan a night visit to a haunted palace for the princess as a welcome gift.  This is indeed a challenge for Mireille since she is afraid of ghosts.

Mireille is having her revenge on the White Lily knights

Meantime, news of Fred’s engagement spreads fast and wide.  Soon, Fred/Mireille receives an invitation from the White Rose Ladies Club to attend a tea and explain Fred’s engagement to his fans.   Mireille naively accepts the invitation.  When she arrives there, things go out of control very fast and her clothes are almost ripped off by the ladies. 

Richard managed to rescue her and they hide in a dark corner in the dorm. 

Are they going to kiss?

As they share their thoughts, they almost kiss when Mireille’s father barges in.  He is very tempted to kill Richard especially when Mireille rattles off some lame excuses on why they are hiding in the dark room.

Father is very tempted to kill Richard

After the night trip to the haunted palace with the princess, the volume ends with Jake instructing Richard to investigate the relationship between Ken, the vice captain of White Lily Knights and Princess Serphia as they seem to get on very well.  In fact, too well for his liking.

Princess Serphia is asking Fred/Mireille to marry her

Ken, the vice captain of White Lily Knights

The night trip to the haunted palace