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She came directly from Volks Japan on 8 April 2010.  She was a standard Dollfie Dream Image Character – Yukino.   I was actually contemplating whether to get her or Mashiro Mito.  Before I could make up my mind, Mashiro was sold out.


Kagura holding Tramp



Kagura sitting by the window

I did some more “research” on the internet on how to change the eyes, and where to order wigs etc.  Then I proceeded to order some wigs from Leeke World (a Korean company selling BJD) and eyes (from Volks) for her.  After a few tries, I thought she looks quite cute with this short curly hair and dark green eyes.  She looks bustier because I changed her bust from the original M to L.  And thus, Kagura was born.


Kagura with Tramp



Kagura with her new wig and eyes

It’s amazing how a look can change by just changing the wig and eyes.  No wonder these dolls are marketed as highly customizable.  In addition, it’s quite challenging and fun making clothes and shopping for accessories for her.  (^_^)


Kagura with her new outfit


I bought the blouse in HK for her while her skirt was my first attempt.  Her belt was actually a leather bracelet I found in an accessory shop.  Kekeke…

Notes: For those wanting to learn how to change the eyes, there’s a very good tutorial here: http://aquilla429.co.uk/how-to-guides-for-dollfiebjd-care/how-to-removechange-eyes/