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Cover of vol.2

Recently started following another new manga: Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken [身代わり伯爵の冒険].  It is based on the light novel by Seike Mimori [清家未森] and the manga artist is Shibata Isuzu [柴田五十铃].

The story concept is quite simple: the adventures of the daughter of a bakery shop owner impersonating as her twin brother for some reasons.  The catch is her brother is the Count of Bernhardt and the captain of the White Lily Knights.

The heroine, Mireille, is a lively and quick tempered girl.  In the first chapter, she jumps to the conclusion that Richard, to his exasperation, is selling her to the brothel.  On certain matters, she can be quite clueless.  For instance, she believes she is a genius in running business and aims to make their bakery into the number one in the country.  In reality, her father fainted after taking just a bite of her bread.

Mireille thinking Richard is selling her to the brothel
The father fainted after taking a bite

Her twin brother, Fred, is a charming and popular figure in court.  He has groups of followers; the most powerful is the White Rose Ladies Club.  He loves to tease Mireille on her flat chest and how she “disgraces” the beautiful face they share.  Perhaps this is to hide the fact that he loves her very much?

White Rose Ladies Club
Fred’s close friend and second-in-command is Richard, a naturally devilish bishōnen.  He is to protect Mireille when she impersonates as Fred.  Once in a while, he will blurt out innocently remarks which will increase Mireille’s heart beat.
Throw in a few other interesting characters like the father who worships the twins, the handsome and scheming [腹黑な](?) crown prince who likes to tease Mireille, a tsundere princess who throws furniture when she is nervous, some cross dressings and conspiracies, thus a romantic comedy story unfolds before you.
I have just finished the second volume.  No complaint so far.  The style of drawing is clean and beautiful and sometimes funny.  The story is also developing reasonably.  So keeping my finger crossed while waiting for volume three…(o*´∇`)o
Their first encounter